Custom PC Design

We design and build Desktop PC’s based on your requirements.

We use our comprehensive computer Hardware & Software knowledge to design and assemble top of the range Desktop PC’s at affordable prices.

What are the benefits of buying a custom build Desktop PC from us ?

1)    Building your own PC, you are more than likely going to get better value for money than purchasing a major OEM or branded PC. The Sum cost for components of a DIY PC will, in most cases, total less than the price of a mainstream PC.

2)    It’s important to appreciate that the components used by DIY builders are generally better quality than those selected by OEM PC vendors who are forced to be as competitive as possible to preserve margins. This often means a narrower and perhaps more dated choice of features.

3)    When building a PC you get to choose each individual component with care, ensuring that only the best quality products from reputable companies are used. That means that you get to research and evaluate each component in turn, leaving you free to select the brand names that you personally trust.

4)    By the very best quality components, you can ensure system stability overtime, meaning that your DIY PC  should last longer than a branded machine.

5)    Finally, once you have built your own PC, you’ll soon find that maintenance and periodic upgrades are a cinch. As the designer and creator of your own machine, you’ll be perfectly placed and more than capable of assessing any hardware upgrades or repairs, giving you a level of control that you’ll soon grow to appreciate.


How does the Custom Build Process works ?

1. Talk with our technician – define your requirements from your computer.
2. Our engineers choose the right components for you.
3. You recieve a quote.
4. The computer is build & our quality assurance process is executed – one day of work.
5. You collect it or it can be delievered to your home.
6. 1 year warranty included plus back to base- extended warranty available.

Easy and affordable with high quality is the best cost effective solution.
We build desktops starting from budget solutions to top of the range gaming and high performance machines.


IT LAND Custom Build PC

IT LAND Custom Built PC